Our System is easy like 1,2,3…

3 Strengths of VoltSwitch GPS that you’ll hardly find, Anywhere!

80% users prefer using the basic features, we just imbed perfection in them…

Smart Map Right On Screen

Interactive LogBook

Log Book Calender View

1 Quick Map overview on the Main Screen

With help of a satellite map, vehicle position, and list of your vehicles, it’s easy to track every single movement and monitor your vehicles in real-time as well as drivers. The precise map will provide information on the screen with a list and an online map.

The map interacts with the vehicle list due to its scalability. You can simply click the vehicle on the list and its current position will be automatically highlighted.

2 Interactive Log Book

It is precise and easy to understand, it provides complete detail and history of a specific vehicle and its selected trip movement as well as position.

In the electronic logbook, the map appears on the main screen showcasing the selected data on the map as well. It is an interactive and responsive feature in the GPS tracking logbook.

Click on one selection of specific trips and it will automatically showcase the trip on log book with details and map also.

3 Calendar view for all vehicles

Calendar acts as a perfect tool for monitoring and analyzing the activity of the fleet. The detail consists of regular, weekly, and monthly overview, about each and every trip of the vehicle.

On click will show all the details of the selected trip of the vehicle. You can also select a vehicle to overlook its trips, position, and movements. It works both ways, for your ease.