Shipping Container or Postal Package. Keep track of the things moving in a a shipping container or transport

GPS tracking of every single shippment that goes out around the world. It provides estimation of travel conditions, location tracking made easier and Top GPS trackers with effcient and accurate data provision.

Shipping Container Tracking

VoltSwitch’s tracking system keeps your shipment location at a distance of one click away. Because, it tells you all about your shipment position, measurements of conditions, travle time. The purpose is to keep track of even the most delicate things with respect to movement factors concerning tempearture and vibrations during the shipment. It also helps you regarding the safety assurance of your goods and shipment. VoltSwitch tracking system will send an alert,when the shipment starts to move.




Long Battery Life

VoltsSwitch’s GPS tracking system and trackers are known for their reliability, to lookafter your shipment until its aarives on the destination. What makes them best GPS trackers for demanding tasks? These trackers are accurate, organized, optimized, longer baterry life and designed to bear with extreme conditions. They can be used with postal parcels, good wagons and shipment containers.

  • No charging up to 6 years
  • Tracking small parcels as well as shipping containers
  • Heavy duty hardware

Shipment Route Overview

Your shipment or good are control due to VoltSwitch’s brilliant tracking network. You have control over viewing each shipment package on the map, travel history and its waiting time. These GPS trackers are created to record the location, without availbility of data connection. Once the mobile network is connected, the logs will appear on the system. You data, shipment and records are safe with our GPS trackers.

  • Exact current location of the shipment
  • Continuous route recording
  • Travel and waiting time information

Shipment Security

If you want to check on the movement of your shipment during its journey. You can analyze the shipment conditions placed within consigment. Its log records everyuthing from deviation, tilt, jump, vibration, shock, exposure to sun and if someone misplaced it from its position.
Due to GPS geolocation of our GPS trackers, you can trace your shipment if its is moved without your authority, stolen or got lost during the shipment.

  • Position tracking during transport
  • Temperature, shock, humidity, lighting sensors