Shipping container or postal package. Keep track of everything that happens during transport.

Keep track of every shipment, even at the edge of the world. Location tracking, travel conditions measurement. Top GPS trackers for long and adventurous journeys.

Satellite tracking of shipping containers and parcels

Where is your shipment right now? Our GPS tracking system will tell you with one click. In addition, it also measures the temperature or vibrations that can affect the goods. And there’s more: VoltSwitch GPS can even alert you to the fact that the cargo left the destined area of movement.

Long battery life

  • No charging up to 6 years
  • Tracking small parcels as well as shipping containers
  • Heavy duty hardware

Our GPS trackers are reliable enough to look after your shipment on the way to its destination. Accuracy, battery life and ability to withstand extreme conditions make them ready for the most demanding tasks. They will deal with a postal parcel, goods wagon and shipping container alike.

Shipment route overview

  • Exact current location of the shipment
  • Continuous route recording
  • Travel and waiting time information

Thanks to our GPS tracking system you have your shipments under control. You can view each package on a map and access its travel history and waiting times. The GPS tracker records the location even when it has no data connection - all the logs then appear on the system after reconnecting to the mobile network.

Shipment security

  • Position tracking during transport
  • Temperature, shock, humidity, lighting sensors

Do you want to know what happened to your shipment throughout the shipment? With us, you can analyze the conditions inside the consignment. Any temperature deviation, tilt, shock, exposure to the sun - all this will be recorded.

With accurate GPS geolocation, you can even trace a stolen shipment.

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