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When you install a tracker in your car, you rely on the tracker to safeguard your car and always be in the know of where and how your car is. At Voltswitch, we stand for fulfilling this responsibility as our priority

At Voltswitch, our ideology is to ensure easy remote access and security of collateral for Auto dealerships, finance companies, rentals and individuals who look for advance tracking. Wherever businesses rely on the safety and upkeep of vehicles for business continuity, Voltswitch paves the way by enabling enhanced security and updates.

Track your mobile assets anywhere -anytime!

Voltswitch GPS offers a monitoring system that updates you on every single movement of your cars, consumption of fuel, and maintains a log of all operations of your vehicle. It helps you prevent discrepancies and enables you to recover your collateral fast by taking rapid action.

Advance GPS Trackers with a Feature Rich Tracking Software

No matter type of vehicle, fleet, or collateral – Voltswitch offers a variety of on-demand GPS Device options that suit all vehicle types and can be integrated with addons for acquiring business-critical information.


4G Wired GPS Devices

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Volt SL78

4G Wireless GPS Devices

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Comprehensive Tracking Solutions

End to end Tracking Solutions

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Voltswitch GPS Tracking Platform has been custom developed keeping in mind the requirements and functionality that Dealerships, Finance Companies, and vehicle owners seek

Our Platform is synced across our mobile apps and the web platform to ensure that your collateral is always accessible and business-critical decisions can be made on the fly.

Further innovative features streamline fleet management operations related to accounting, route management, electronic logging, and minifying operational overheads.

Portal Features

Smart Platform, Smart Management


See more details per vehicle and perform require operation in a snap. Its as simple, smart, and extremely fast

Check the real-time location of your collateral on the map view right at the first screen.

Get updates on vehicle movement or check the miles log to find out details about the route taken by your vehicles. Replay the exact route and stops of your fleet from the calendar for any number of days weeks or months.

Monitor all movement of your vehicle and if you uncover any discrepancy, readily report for repossession from the vehicle’s menu. Select your choice of Recovery agent or let us recommend one for you.

Get Robust Reporting on the go

With Voltswitch Mobile Apps

Mobile Management

Asset Monitoring

Multiple Map Views

Easy Recovery

Emergency Locate

Location Information

Why Voltswitch?

Improve-Fleet-Productivity (1)
Improve Fleet Productivity
Gain visibility into your fleet with live vehicle tracking and real-time data. Reports and analytics, and real time alerts help streamline your operations.
Improve productivity and customer satisfaction.
Leverage our Portal's flexible and user friendly features and functions to deliver invaluable data and insights that drive more sucess to your business
Protect-Your-Assets-from-Theft (2)
Protect Your Assets from Theft
Keep vehicles and assets safe with immediate geofence alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a location. Prevent unauthorized vehicle use and tampering with devices through an automated alert system.

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When you install a tracker in your car, you rely on the tracker to safeguard your car and always be in the know of where and how your car is. At Voltswitch, we stand for fulfilling this responsibility as our priority”

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